4 Crucial Things That You May Not Know about Master Key Systems

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There is no gainsaying that the master key system is an important security tool, especially for commercial properties. It comes with different levels of keys, which will give property owners complete or restricted access to different areas of a business. But many business owners are still unaware of a few facts about this security system. And you are one of them, right? Therefore, if you are planning to strengthen the security of your office with a master key system, go through the entire blog beforehand.

What You Must Know About Master Key Systems

Master Key System Is Designed on Restricted Keyways

Imagine, what would happen if an employee can make a copy of a key of your locking system? The person can access confidential information, which may put your business in danger. Well, that’s where a master key system plays a pivotal role. It prevents unauthorized copying. Restricted keys are patented. It means no one can make a copy of them at a hardware store without your authorization.

These Keys Have Key Serialization

The keys embedded with a restricted control program carry a unique serial number. And as a property owner, you can identify each key for your locking system. The unique serial numbers will allow you to track your keys 24/7 hours with cloud-based software. This security system can ensure that who holds your keys and the level of access that each key provides.

It Works with User-Rekeyable Lock Technology

User-rekeayable keys offer a number of security benefits to a business. If a security breach takes place in your business premises, rekeyable locks will allow you to resecure your facilities. If you lost your master key, you can rekey your locks with rekeyable cores. And once the process is done, you can replace master keys for keyholders only. This solution can provide you with significant cost savings as you need to replace the parts of the system that are required.

You Can Manage and Track Through Key Control Software

With the help of key control software, one can keep track of all keys issued for the master key system. In this regard, most locksmith companies use key tracking software. It will allow you to know who is accessing the keys. This information will give you a comprehensive overview of the current security situation.

Bottom Line

Now, you will look for a locksmith company to install a master key system, right? Feel free to contact us to get it done. Our experienced and skilled locksmiths can do this task efficiently.

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