4 Signs You Need to Call a Locksmith for Ignition Replacement

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When you get into your vehicle and turn the key, you know what happens next. But unfortunately, if the ignition switch fails to function properly, certain problems may arise. Hence, as a car owner, you need to start up your vehicle regularly to keep it in pristine condition. But what would you do when you encounter this situation? Well, if your car shows the following symptoms, look no further but appoint a locksmith to replace the ignition.

When You Need to Get Your Car Ignition Replaced

Your Vehicle Is Not Starting for Faulty Ignition Switch

The most obvious sign of a faulty ignition is your vehicle is not starting. If a faulty ignition is a culprit, your car will not start even after jostling the key into different positions. Maybe, you can get your car to start cranking its engine. But the cranking would be generally slow. It’s due to the corrosion on the specific circuit that sends power to the ignition.

Ignition Key Is Not Moving

Check the ignition lock if your key will not turn in the ignition. Turn the steering wheel back several times. But if the key is still not moving, it indicates excessive wear in the ignition. It means the key is not able to align properly with the keyhole. In this situation, you need to call a locksmith for ignition replacement.

Your Car Starts Stalling

Vehicle stalling can also be a symptom of a failing ignition. It means that the engine stops turning, which can lead a car to stop slowly while operating. However, vehicle stalling is related to the ignition. And this issue usually takes place when you drive a car down the road.

Dashboard Lights Are Flickering

Cars have warning lights on the dash, which show if there is something wrong. These lights will turn on as soon as you put the key in the start position in the ignition. And they stay on while the car is running. But if you find the lights are flickering or turning off, the ignition may have problems.

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