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Access Control Systems

High security locks and keys allow you to secure your building, but keys can be easily lost, stolen or duplicated. The inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. With Access control you can simply delete a user or change their access permissions at a few clicks of a mouse.

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Access Control Systems has become a vital part in the combat to crime as it controls access to any given door. Companies are using it on main doors allowing them to know and control whom is entering their business.

A internet based system or pc based system can allow the set up of one door or multiple doors.

It can also allow to operate the opening of doors during certain hours of the day and in some cases companies are using their access control system as a time keeping system as each time a staff member presents a fob it will register that fob on the pc.

Homes are using access control as opposed to a standard key system as it gives control on the unwanted copy of keys.

Access Control allows the premises to control a door or multiple for access. There are many forms of access control, magnetic locks with using digital keypads or key switches, manual push button locks (No power source required), Remote key fob locks allowing doors to be opened via a remote key fob, key fobs allowing entry when presented to a keypad or prox reader, intercom systems independent or multiple usage, intercom/ phone systems, net based systems, finger reader systems. will have a solution to suit your needs.

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If only the ultimate in Access Control is good enough for you – then look no further than our Biometric and Contactless Smart Card access control scanner. It combines the latest generation Contactless Smart Card electronics with a biometric fingerprint reader for ultimate versatility and security. Dublin Toll Free number 1800515151-All Areas Outside Dublin Call 0873339333

Smart Cards Access Control Systems

A variety of smart cards can be used to operate your access control system, and will work with you to determine which technology meets your specific needs. Of course you may choose to opt for the standard contactless smart card, which can operate both your access control, and time and attendance system if you so require. This card is approximately the same size as a standard credit card, and is thin and flexible enough to be carried in your wallet.


Every Access Control System from is built around a versatile and reliable Intelligent IP Access Controller. The unit can be configured in many different arrangements, controlling a smaller number of doors at first and then more at a later date as need and/or budget permits. have all the latest and genuine technology available to us, and will get out to you as soon as possible, thanks to our 24 hour emergency service. All of our work is fully insured.

Door Entry Systems

Entry systems are a valuable asset when trying to control entry into a secure area and in some cases they are a necessity such as in apartment blocks, multi inhabitant offices or an automatic gate situated at the perimeter of your grounds. They allow the user to grant access to authorised people at the push of a button. Dublin Toll Free number 1800515151-All Areas Outside Dublin Call 0873339333

Automatic Gates and Barriers

We are able to fabricate your gates to a bespoke design whether they are ornate for domestic properties or heavy duty for commercial use. We have a huge portfolio of designs previously installed into many satisfied clients homes and businesses, Our fabrication specialists can even integrate your business or property name into the gate design. has offices in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Cork, Limerick and Galway and covers the 26 counties.




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Benefits of installing access control

Benefits of installing access control

  • Integration with your other security systems to maximize protection
  • Reduced administration time through visitor management software
  • Full control over when and where your staff, visitors and vehicles are permitted
  • Enables all your security to be controlled centrally

Whether you are a small organisation, an educational establishment, or a large commercial business we can design the right, bespoke access control solution for you. - Access control

Access control enables you to control who has access to your building or individual rooms.

High security locks and keys allow you to secure your building, but keys can be easily lost, stolen or duplicated. The inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys can be considerable. With Access control you can simply delete a user or change their access permissions at a few clicks of a mouse.

Access control systems fall into two main categories, Stand alone or Networked.

Stand Alone Systems

These systems are generally used in premises where generic access rights are required (i.e. everyone’s card or fob opens every door) and where a log of users entering the protected areas is not required.. In a small premises or where applications only require a single door to be protected these systems are very secure and cost effective.

Networked Systems or PC Based Systems

This application allows a system administrator to have full control over multiple doors. They are very comprehensive and when set up correctly can provide a very high level of control over individual permissions and access rights to secure areas. Modern PC based systems are fast becoming one of the most important additions to a safe and secure work environment. Higher spec systems can even pinpoint an employee’s location within a building and an produce a roll call list at a click of the mouse in case of an emergency evacuation. These systems tick many boxes when considering your security and health & safety criteria.

Construction Site Access Control systems

Along with the above Networked systems we also design and install bespoke Access Control for constrction sites where health and safety along with benifits of fire, BREEAM and time and attendance reports we can tailor systems to meet the clients needs, we use the latest technologies available so whether its just simply stopping persons entering a site or a full Access Control with the above mentioned benifits Key Integrated Systems can provide it.

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