Locksmiths.ie Merrion Vaults Partner Ireland

Locksmiths.ie are proud to recommend Merrion Vaults as its Partner.

Securing your jewellery, valuables and cash an be big ordeal on its own. Buying a safe and or installing a safe your self can be an ordeal. Merrion Vaults could be the answer, no hassle, no need to spend time finding the correct safe, no need for any installations.

Ireland’s premier Safe Deposit Box facility.A safe deposit box facility, costing less than one euro a day, gives consumers a real choice about where they can securely store their valuables as bank charges increase and house burglaries grow.

Merrion Vaults in Dublin contains several thousand safe deposit boxes of varying sizes. Clients will retain a safety deposit box for an annual fee that starts at €300 incl VAT.

The entrepreneurs behind Merrion Vaults, Seamus Fahy from Limerick and David Walsh from Cork said that the vault has been built from scratch and has the very latest security technology installed.

A leading consultant, who is regularly commissioned by Lloyd’s insurance to assess such premises around the world, assisted the founders in constructing the vault and choosing the most appropriate technology to keep it secure.

Such is the standard of security at Merrion Vaults, Lloyds has approved the system and is the main underwriter and insurer for the company.The vault employs sophisticted security systems to ensure that access to any box is limited to the authorised person only.

Merrion Vault’s standard safety deposit box, which measures 3″ x 5″ x 24″, costs a mere €300 (including VAT) a year, which is equivalent to 75cent a day before VAT.Complimentary Insurance of €10,000 per box is also included in the rental fee.

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