Lost keys! Car key Replacement or Duplicate: What’s next?

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These days, most people own modern cars with keyless entry. But have you ever thought of losing or damaging car keys? What’s then?

It’s undeniable that we throw or drop our car keys anywhere often and end up damaging them. On the other hand, you may leave your keys in a hurry.

Mistakes can happen anytime! And going to an auto locksmith for car key replacement or repair is the best solution to fix it. Just don’t panic and find the solution here for your car keys!

What to do while losing a car key

Here are some of the car keys that are in use in the market now. No matter if you have a remote key or a traditional one, the situation can be nerve-wracking right then.

That’s why you must have a clear outline of what you need to do at that time. Such as:

Transponder keys

One step ahead of the traditional one! The transponder keys include a built-in chip that sends a signal to start the engine to the ECU. While losing or damaging the keys, professional locksmiths are here to help you out! They can provide you with the spare keys with the same chip.

Traditional keys

Do you own an old car model? Then, you must have this type of car keys. Auch car key mechanism has fewer complexities. And, simple car keys come with the easiest solution.

If you lose one, a locksmith can duplicate it. You might have to replace the car ignition and lock if the duplicate key doesn’t work.

Key with fob

Do you have an external key with a fob? Then, it will be easy to enter the car using the key even if you lose the fob. Contrarily, you can hire a locksmith to make a spare key if your car key gets damaged or lost.

And the worst case can be when you lost both. Still, the locksmith can make a new one, and you can buy a fob later.

Smart keys

Here is the latest form of car keys that you can found most people using nowadays. It allows a keyless entry with a push-button start. But with the advancement of technology, losing car keys has become troublesome.

If you ever lose this keyless entry fob, you might have to pay more to get a new spare one. You might have to wait a week even for this sometimes.

Keys attached with fob

Well, you may be familiar with this one. This type of key has a folding mechanism that can lead you to the problem if you lose it. There are two options to fix the issue.

The first alternative is to unlock the car using a spare key if you have one. Otherwise, it’s best to call a reputable locksmith and ask to make a duplicate key.

So, are you in any trouble with car keys? Our locksmiths are available 24/7 for emergency service. Contact us now! Stay in touch!

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