Reasons your car may stop working: The Signs!

Everyone has had one of those days when they rush to go somewhere. And as they try to start the car or unlock the car and start it, the car key does not work! In this state, when they lock themselves out of the car, their mind starts racing to understand why this might happen.

Often, the answer or reason, whatever you prefer, is so obvious. But other times, it might be really hard to figure out the problem. To make the ordeal regarding car keys in Dublin easier for everyone, we have listed some possible reasons in this blog.

The car key issues and their signs

Before we discuss the reasons, let us tell you the issues varies widely depending on the type of car key. What is yours – Traditional Car Keys, Transponder Car Keys or Keyless Entry Fobs?

Let’s dive into some of the possible reasons for car key issues and their signs. But, keep it in your mind if you broke the car kay off in its lock or the car key gets broken anyhow, that is different.

  1. Damaged car lock

Your car key will not work when you try to unlock it if the car lock is damaged. And followings are some signs:

  • The keyway is obstructed or blocked, and you cannot insert the car key fully.
  • The key opens one lock but not all.
  • The key turns and yet to unlock.
  1. Damaged key

One of the most common and simple reasons your car key might not work is the damaged key. Here are a few signs:

  • The car key will not open any lock or start your car.
  • A lightly used spare key properly functions.
  • The car lock opens other means.
  1. Faulty Ignition Cylinder

A faulty ignition can also keep your car key from working properly, and the signs are as below.

  • The key opens the car door, but the car won’t start.
  • The immobilizer indicator light turns on.
  1. Worn Out Key Fob Batteries

It is another simple reason that the car key will not work as expected. And it is likely to be the reason is-

  • Your key fob works sometimes but not others.
  • You are pressing the buttons on the key fob multiple times.
  • It is no longer working from a distance that used to work previously.
  1. Internal damage to the car key fob

The key fob works depending on the communication between a transmitter and a receiver. If any of these components get damaged, you will experience the key fob is not working. Anyway, know the signs:

· The cat key fob gets placed or stuck under pressure.

· Your car key fob has been submerged in water or any liquid.

· The buttons no longer depressed, click, and/or are loose.

Car keys are no doubt an integral part of modern life these days. Hence, when these become the reasons, it is wise to leave the repairing over experts. You can contact us for help. We will be there beside you soon!

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