Revealing the truth! A few misconceptions about smart locks

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You can’t deny the fact that the latest smart lock technology has created a buzz in the security sector. But you may feel a little bit scared about it, especially if you are going to use it for the first time. Fear not here’s we have come with a solution!

Dig deeper into the following lines carefully. In these lines, we are going to bust some misconceptions about this excellent lock system. Keep on reading and use your smart lock without any unpleasant surprise.

Know some misconceptions about smart locks here

  1. Smart locks come with a complex installation process

As users, the first thought that haunts us, do smart locks come with easy installation? When it is about these locks, some common propositions sound impressive, such as remote control, keyless entry, and so on. But those perks may fade instantly when you consider its installation process as a tough one.

Going against the customary belief, it comes with a fairly simple installation process! Smart lock system installation would not take more than thirty minutes.

Some electric door locks work with the original deadbolts rightly. Some others may need a different mechanism swap. It means both the deadbolt and strike plates get unscrewed, and the old part gives the space to new lock parts. And the battery-powered smart locks don’t involve any wiring at all.

However, besides these, app set up or Wi-Fi installation can take a few more minutes. But the easy smart lock installation process does not need more than it.

  1. Smart locks are vulnerable to hacking

How safe are smart locks against hackers? It is another common concern regarding the smart lock systems. There always remains a constant fear when it is about the safety of these locks. There is no denying that this one is a valid concern that should be taken into account.

Thankfully, advanced mechanisms of these locks are the cent percent safe and secured. Featuring safe wireless communication and an added encryption layer, they give the best protection to your house.

Contrasting the conventional security system, smart locks come with more security and convenience for the homeowners.

In a nutshell, these locks are almost impossible to hack!

  1. These locks are solely dependent on smartphones

Living In the tech-driven era of the 21st century, we depend on smartphones to perform our everyday works. Ranging from messaging to virtual banking, we can’t deny the significance of it. Most modern electric lock systems also depend on smartphones.

But it does mean you will lose all your access to the smart key in case you misplace your Smartphone. Modern keyless locks (most of them) enable you to log in from other devices easily.

If you lose your smart lock or forget the code, don’t try to fix it on your own. Contact a reputed locksmith and get out of the issue hassle-freely.

  1. Smart locks are overpriced

Another wrong notion about smart locks is they are EXPENSIVE. Undoubtedly, these locks cost more than the traditional ones. But you can’t forget their pros. They come with some additional advantages over these lock systems.

In case you are tight on your budget, you may opt for the conventional locks. But if you can allow flexibility in your budget, go for it without hesitation.

To give the best security to your property, choose the right advanced and high-quality smart locks now. I hope this superb system will never let you down. And in case you find any severe issue with your lock system, feel free to contact our efficient locksmiths without hesitation.

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