The Self Thought Or Untrained Locksmith

  1. An untrained locksmith will have not required adequate training and will NOT Provide Correct Security Advice.
  2. An untrained locksmith will be unpredictable leading to FALSE Claims, OVER Pricing to include Misleading Information.
  3. An untrained locksmith tends to have completed a 3 or 5 day course leading to their claims they are qualified, however it would be imposable to learn the knowledge of a locksmith within this time Au untrained locksmith will have misleading information being advertised in there adds Master Locksmiths, FALSE Address, Miss Leading Statements and many different Changing Mobile Numbers.
  4. An untrained locksmith will not have any Knowledge Of What An Insurance Company Require to cover insurance nor will an Insurance Company Ever Recommend Them.
  5. An untrained locksmith will want CASH Payment or request Payment On Arrival, there invoice book or receipt IF ANY will be unprofessional and most likely be False or Misleading.
  6. An untrained locksmith is likely to have a LOWER Charge at the beginning and have HIDDEN extras and charge more than they originally quoted are a well know locksmith providing locksmiths services throughout Ireland locally to you. directors are registered locksmiths and members of Associated Locksmiths of America and members of the Associated locksmiths of Ireland.

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