Top 4 FAQS About Transponder Keys & Relevant Answers

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After getting introduced to the market in 1995, transponder keys have got huge popularity. Almost all the latest car models come with this key system, and many car owners rely on these keys to give the best security to their vehicle.

Anyway, there is no denying that different questions revolve around these keys. You also might think about what these keys are? And should you deal with an auto locksmith to sort out these key-related issues? Hopefully, you will get the answer to all these relevant questions from here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transponder Keys

1- What Does A Transponder Key Mean?

It uses microchips to transmit low-level signals from the key to the receiver, present in the vehicle. All transponder keys come with unique serial numbers that match with the digital serial number of the car only. This number got detected by the RFID (radio frequency identification). The key will unlock only after the detection of the serial number.

2- Is There Any Difference Between Remote And Transponder Keys?

It is tough to find out the difference between these two unless you are a locksmith. Both of them are quite similar. The only difference is remote keys come with two security levels. But transponder keys comprise an added level of security.

3- What Are The Benefits Of Transponder Keys?

These keys with advanced features come with several advantages. Unhindered security is the most notable of them. An alarm will make warn you if anyone attempts to enter your car without the correct key number.

Besides, the RFID technology prevents the starting of a car engine without the correct key. Here the list does not end. The unique serial number of each transponder key declines its access in any other way.

4- Does This Key Need A Reprogramming?

Well, you need to reprogram this key occasionally. Some of these keys come with an easy mechanism and you can reprogram them by following the owner’s manual.

But this DIY trick might cause RISKS as these keys come with complex mechanisms. Reputable locksmiths do this task safely. That is why to get peace of mind; you should leave this job to the experts.

However, after going through these FAQs, now you have got an idea about this advanced key system. And as said before, if you face any problem with these keys, don’t try to handle this task on your own. After all, trusted locksmiths are there to give the best-fitted solutions for your issues.

You may contact us if you want the best services from reliable professionals. We try our best to give suitable security to your car and vehicle with our outstanding services!

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