Top 5 door lock problems you may suffer!

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It is for sure that every homeowner wants their homes to remain safe and secure. But some time door lock problems can freak out the homeowners and the property owners.

Failing to pay attention to the status of the door lock status may bring serious consequences for you. So pay attention until it is too late. Here are some locksmith problems to help you out in your serious situation!

Most common door lock problems

Here are some common door lock problems you may face.

  1. Door key is stuck or broke inside the lock

There are some situations when you may experience this kind of problem. Having your key stuck due to a misaligned door latch or due to some other problems, or you notice your key is broken inside door lock is a serious issue to notice. Do not try to use any DIY hacks or call any unprofessional locksmith.

It is better to hire a professional locksmith to remove the broken key parts and repair the lock system or install a new lock system.

  1. Loose door locks

Having a loose door lock is the most frightening thing for a homeowner. How door locks loose? Well, door locks have several moving parts, and each part is significant to ensure the lock works smoothly. If these parts fall apart, the door lock may not work properly.

Most door locks loosen up with time after being used for an extended period. You may not know there is 58% break-in happens due to the loosen door locks.

So whenever you notice that your door lock become loose and fall apart, make sure you call a professional company to install a new lock system.

  1. Door latch is misaligned

If you notice your door latch does not catch the strike plate or is there any difficulty you are facing in locking your door, then it is a serious issue to notice. Well, it can happen due to improper installation, and it may get worse due to time.

In order to fix the misalignment, you will need the right tool to adjust the strike plate plus the knowledge to fix that. So isn’t it better to call a professional locksmith service? They have the right tools, experience, knowledge, plus they will provide insurance too.

  1. Key knobs move but doesn’t lock

Your key knob moves, but the door doesn’t lock? That may be caused by fallen or loose lock pieces. It is a lock mechanism problem and only fixed by a professional who knows how to fix these problems.

  1. Jammed lock and jammed latches

Locks can be jammed for many reasons. One of the common is if the latch or lock bolt is broken. However, different door locks have a specific mechanism and need proper knowledge to fix them. So hiring a professional is a smart step rather than doing it alone.

Final thought

Door locking problems are the most genuine issues, which are very common in every household. Neglecting these problems can be dangerous for you. Contact us for an experienced and trusted locksmith.

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