Traditional Electronic Locks vs. Smart Locks: Choosing the Ideal One for You?

Have you locked ever stopped you from entering into your own place? Lost key or misplacing spare key can be two of the common reasons behind such an event. While locksmiths can help you in this situation, it turns into annoying when you think about the security risk. What if your key somehow shows the way to your address and a dishonest person get it?

As technology continues to evolve over time, it impacts almost everything. So, it does with the types of the security system of locks. Today people prefer keyless entry for their properties, no matter home or business.

So, we would discuss two in-demand hi-tech lock systems in this blog. Hopefully, you will pick the one best fit your requirements.

Traditional Electronic Locks and Smart Locks

Smart Locks and Traditional Electronic Locks are the topics for this blog. Let’s differentiate them according to the pros and cons.

The Pros and Cons of Installing an Electronic Smart Lock

In the residential markets, smart locks are popular over the last few years. The extension of smart devices and the opportunity to interact with one another goes without saying why upgrading your lock system seems a logical choice. Anyway, several advantages of having a smart lock system include:

  • Convenience:
    Keys tend to be lost frequently.
  • Get Connected:
    Sync the smart lock with your smart home.
  • Stay Connected:
    Use your smartphone to check-in.
  • Appearance:
    Locks do not function smart, also look smart!
  • Remote Access:
    You’ll not need a hidden key again.

But there are also some cons of having a smart lock. Take a glance below:

  • Installation Cost:
    The investment may look huge.
  • Security:
    It can be picked.
  • Going Keyless:
    Phones replace keys.
  • Wi-Fi Outages and Batteries:
    Convenience goes out the window.
  • Technology:
    Every individual is not well habituated with technology.

The Pros and Cons of Installing a Traditional Electronic Lock

Unlike smart locks, traditional electronic locks do not require a smartphone (smart device) and Wi-Fi to function. This lock system is best for high-end businesses and homes as they pose fewer security threats than some other options. While these all are true, there are some pros and cons, know before investing in this option. The pros are here:

  • Traditional Electronic Locks do not need a smartphone and wireless connection for functionality.
  • It uses to manage access by keeping track of the access controls.
  • It ensures the right person gets access.
  • Cons of having Traditional Electronic Lock involves:
  • Unlike smart locks, access cannot be granted from anywhere.
  • People cannot easily be granted one-time access.
  • You cannot see an unauthorized user attempting to access in real-time.

So which one do you prefer? No matter what is your answer, you can contact us! We are Locksmiths.IE and the team here to help you. Call now!

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