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Transponder Keys Ireland 1A transponder key is the key with an electronic chip in it.  The transponder key typically has a black plastic head on it.  Most new cars have enhanced security features such as the transponder key programming.  To prevent theft, this key is programmed to match your car.

Whenever you are in the market for a new car key, it is always important to have a company that can provide you with all the services you need. Thanks to our mobile locksmiths, there is no location that is beyond our reach. Locksmiths Ireland can get you all the help you need, and deliver it straight to your location. In Association With Best Auto Locksmith Dublin.

We have quick arrival times for emergency services and are available at your convenience, by appointment. We offer 24-hour locksmith service to make sure you are getting what you need no matter when you need it.

At we have the tools, technology and machinery to produce any key required for any Transponder vehicle. have innovatives transponder devices for electronic keys cloning in the automotive technology field.

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Transponder Keys, Remotes & Programming Services

Transponder Key Programming

Computer chip keys can be made or cloned. Originating keys is different than cloning a key. Transponder key cloning can only be done if your car key has a cloneable transponder. These types of keys have a unique value duplicated onto the chip using an existing compatible transponder, requiring a skilled professional to accomplish successfully. Our professional locksmiths can quickly identify your transponder key type to determine if it can be cloned, while offering honest quotes and fair prices for this high-tech key service.

Transponder Keys Ireland , Transponder Keys

Key Fob Programming

How do I program my computer keys? As with all car key services, do not go to a dealer unless you plan to overpay for computer/transponder key programming. The most affordable, most reliable method to program your transponder key is to contact your local professional locksmith, like those registered with will usually verify, at no cost, if your key uses a transponder chip, and offer programming services at rates far below dealerships.

Broken Key Removal

Only a trained, professional locksmith can determine if the broken key can be extracted without needing to drill it out or having to replace the ignition cylinder. If you try removing a broken key from an ignition, you are likely to cause more damage to the cylinder or pins or wafers, resulting in costs which could easily have been avoided by hiring a legitimate locksmith.

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The Benefits Of Transponder Keys

Many people have serious concerns about the security and safety of their cars because they might be stolen at any time. Fortunately, they no longer have to worry because there have been tremendous developments in the safety features of all cars over the years. Transponder keys are among the recent developments that have taken place in this area. Most of the cars have these keys and their use helps in greatly reducing car theft. However it is common that an intruder will entre a home just for the car keys only as they are now required in order to start the vehicle.

The Benefits Of Transponder Keys-A transponder key is a kind of ignition key. All transponders work by using radio wave frequencies because they are embedded with unique codes. They come with circuits that can send signals. One advantage of the transponder keys is that you can charge them without using a battery.

The transponder keys automatically connect with the security devices of your car once you insert them in the ignition of your car. It sends a siginal to the ECU unit on the car telling the unit it is the correct car key. The security devices use radio wave frequency to send signals to the keys. The system identifies the code and it starts when it finds a match. This means that your car will not move if the code is invalid.

Transponder keys also offer many other benefits in addition to security and safety. Their biggest benefit is that duplication of the car keys is not possible. The manufacturer can give you a spare during emergencies. The manufacturer makes these keys so that you can use them for a specific car. Hence, only the specific transponder key can make any car to start. Consequently, car theft has reduced significantly in all parts of the world because of this development.

Transponder keys have many other functions. The unlocking and locking of car doors by simply pressing one button is one of these functions. An alarm system that sends an alarm when an unauthorized person tries to enter the car is also added along with this security system. - 24/7

If you damage or lose your car key and a spare is not available, you can ask an auto locksmith to help you out of this bad situation. You should get locksmith services by contacting a certified professional.

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