Mercedes Replacement Car Keys

All Ireland Helpline - +353 1 874 7844 are expert when it comes to providing spare Mercedes Car Key or remaking your lost Mercedes Car Key.

Spare Mercedes Keys

It is important for you to have a spare key of your Mercedes Car. In the event of losing main key, you are left outside with no access to your car. Contact us and our skilled auto locksmiths can make a spare Mercedes Key for every Mercedess using dealer level software.

We move with a wide range of stock and can cut and program a spare key befitting your Mercedes car, including remote, flip or standard key within a short time.

Lost Mercedes Car Keys

DO not panic if you have lost your keys. Our mobile locksmiths are ever ready awaiting your call. We can make a new set of Mercedes Keys as well as render the old keys useless at the roadside.

Call Locksmith today for your spare Mercedes key or lost Mercedes car key requirements.

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    Ken is the absolute best. Responded to my house within Half Hour. Did a temporary fix and showed me what parts to order. Saved me hundreds of euros had I used someone else. Second time in the 2 years I have had to use him and I will never go to anyone else. Highly recommend Ken.
    Christine Burke

    — Christine Burke



    Mercedes – Replacement Car Keys Auto locksmiths offer a legitimate alternative service to a car dealership to cut and recode Mercedes car keys for most models. An added bonus is that they can come to you, which means you avoid the hassle of travelling to a dealership, which is a major issue if you’ve lost all your Mercedes keys. provides discount, on-site key replacement for businesses and consumers.  Dublin Toll Free number 1800515151-All Areas Outside Dublin Call 0873339333

    Mercedes Key Less Damage Free Entry

    All of our locksmiths are trained in non destructive entry of cars, and are equipped with the latest technology. Once our locksmiths get you back into your Mercedes car, we can also cut new keys, or programme new ones if this is required, to get you back on the road. Many vehicle rescue services have to call the main dealer out to open the vehicle or set up a new key. By using services, you can cut out all of the stress, waiting and high costs that might apply!

    Mercedes Car Key Fob Repairs & Replacement

    If you have broken your Mercedes car keys and need them repairing or even got your car keys stuck in the lock/ignition to your vehicle 24/7 Auto Locksmiths can help. Locksmiths can repair or replace broken Mercedes car key fobs that have been broken or stolen.  Here at, we have experts that can programme new fobs for your Mercedes car, or fix existing fobs is this is possible. have all the latest and genuine technology available to us, and will get out to you as soon as possible, thanks to our 24 hour emergency service. All of our work is fully insured.

    24Hr Emergency Mercedes Auto Locksmiths Ireland offer Emergency Auto Locksmiths 24/7 Anywhere In Ireland. Auto locksmith services come straight to you, without the need to tow your car and are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week – so no matter what time of day or night you need our assistance, we’ll be there as soon as possible to get you back in your Mercedes car and on the road. Dublin Toll Free number 1800515151-All Areas Outside Dublin Call 0873339333

    Replacement For A Lost Key

    When you find yourself locked out of your Mercedes car with the car key inside or having lost the car keys can come to the rescue. Our locksmiths can facilitate in replacement Car Keys, replacement Remote Fobs, card keys, opening of almost every make and model of car manufactures on the market day or night. has offices in Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Cork, Limerick and Galway and covers the 26 counties.




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      Mercedes Replacement Car Keys

      Mercedes advanced key is an evolution of keyless entry technology that is used to open the doors or start the engine without even moving your hands. However, in the event of misplacing or damaging your remote, it is only an authorized dealer who can provide a replacement.

      On receiving a call, our trained technicians in Mercedes car keys will visit your vehicle wherever the location is and at a suitable time that befits you and provide a programmed car key for your vehicle within a short time. The price we charge is lower compared to that charged by the dealer.

      It is important for Mercedes car owners to get a second spare key cut and programmed beforehand so that they have the peace of mind to bring the key in use during emergency.

      Lost or Broken car keys replacement

      If you lose or break you car keys, our skilled technicians can come to your car and provide you with new key within minutes, without needing to tow the vehicle and wait for days like dealers do.

      Car key Duplication

      If there is a single key for your car to start the engine, you could get a spare key by contacting us. It should be noted that having car key in duplicate is always more cost-effective and provide you with the peace of mind if any of them gets lost or damaged.

      Car key programming

      If ever your remote fob or transponder chip gets de-synchornised, call us and our technicians will help you with their diagnostic equipment to put it back in working condition. You do not have to apply for a brand new key set.

      Car key repair

      There could be situation where the car key has snapped, cracked or has just become worn out and does not function properly. Call us and our men will repair it in a short time.

      • 12 Month Guarantee on All Mercedes Models and Makes
      • Mercedes keys replaced in 1 hour
      • Repair Damaged Mercedes Keys
      • Mercedes Remotes & Fobs Replaced or Repaired
      • Same Day Service
      • Auto locksmith Mobile service
      • No call out fee/charge
      • Servicing Mercedes Keys Jammed in ignition - Who We Are are a trusted well know locksmith company and have been providing locksmith and Mercedes Auto locksmith services over many years in Dublin and throughout Ireland. The engineers of are fully qualified and have being trained to high quality standards.

      Our Auto locksmiths will always put the customer first and will advise you from the time they arrive on site. are operating some 13 years and are proud to be a Irish run business operating a locksmith business in Dublin and throughout the 26 counties.

      When you find yourself locked out of your car with the car key inside or having lost the car keys can come to the rescue. Our Auto locksmiths can facilitate in replacement Mercedes Car Keys, Mercedes replacement Remote Fobs, Mercedes card keys, opening of almost every make and model of Mercedes on the market day or night. are CompTIA 220-801 exam registered Mercedes Auto locksmiths. We are C2 registered (Tax Clearance cert). Some of the members of are members of ALOI (The Associated Locksmiths of Ireland) and ALOA (The Associated Locksmiths of America). Terms And Conditions.

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