7 amazing secrets your residential locksmith won’t tell you!

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There is no denying that a door with an advanced lock system is the initial line of security defence. And if you want to install this lock system properly, you can expect the best help from a reputed house locksmith. Before you are going to appoint him for this job, know some secrets beforehand that he will not tell you probably! Start reading.

Know some untold secrets in brief

Secret 1- Double cylinder locks help avoid break-ins

In case you have a window (s) near your door, opt for something advanced like double cylinder locks. It is not at all a tough task for burglars sticking and turning hands after knocking out the glass. For the best safety, consider using a double cylinder lock with a key inside.

Secret 2- Properly installed deadbolts are the best locks

According to a reputed locksmith, a deadbolt needs to come with one-inch throw at least. Besides, there requires being a security plate on the strike side with three-inch screws suitable for going into the wooden door frame.

Secret 3- Consider re-keying your locks when buying a new property

Doing this assures you to get unhindered security to your new house. Avoiding this step makes your property vulnerable to the burglars or the previous tenants. They may open your door anytime before you understand.

Secret 4- ”Do not duplicate” stamps on keys mean they are duplicated!

It might sound odd! But you can’t deny it. Stay away from the keys with such stamps. Ask your locksmith to provide keys that are unreplicable at hardware stores. And to do this task rightly, get in touch with a reputed residential locksmith.

Secret 5- Don’t forget about your locksmith’s ID

The reputed locksmiths of a reliable company are supposed to come with a valid ID proof. When calling him for solving your locks and keys related issues, feel free to ask him about this.

Secret 6- Handle you safes rightly

The fast-spinning of the dial, improper opening, and forceful closing- all these can damage your safe adversely. Don’t commit these blunders if you want to use yours safely.

Secret 7- You should finalize a locksmith after a thorough research

Different locksmith companies are there giving a range of essential services. To pick the best of them give sufficient time on the research work. Try to find significant details about different companies serving near you. And, also consider checking the service rates and varieties. It is advisable to visit the websites of different locksmith companies to gather detailed information about all these facts.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have found all these secrets interesting! And if you are expecting the best services from a reliable locksmith, contact us. With the help of advanced security tools and unparalleled professionalism, our reliable and dedicated locksmiths assure you to give the high-notch services at an affordable cost. We are offering all the required locksmith services in one place! Don’t choose any locksmith than us to assure the best safety to your property with high-quality services.

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