Significant Terms to Be Aware of When Speaking to a Locksmith

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A locksmith is a specialist who plays a pivotal role in strengthening the security of a property. But sometimes, it can be embarrassing when you hear unknown terms while speaking to this professional. As a result, you may not be clear about the ins and outs of the service you require. They will definitely make you understand everything when you ask. But as a property owner, it’s prudent to be aware of a few locksmith terms in advance. And that’s where this blog will help.

Key Terms You Need to Know About Locksmith Services

Listed below are a few terms that you should be familiar with about locksmith services.


Rekeying refers to altering the code of the lock, which will allow it to work with different keys. If you buy a new lock and want to match the rest of the locks on your property, the locksmith will rekey the new lock. 

Anti-Friction Latch

It’s a device that is built into a lock’s latch bolt. It aims to reduce friction between strike and bolt.


Duplication indicates the process of copying a key. If you have an existing key, a locksmith can make multiple copies of it. You will require this service if you need multiple sets of keys for different members. 


It’s nothing but the distance between the centreline of the lock cylinder and the vertical centreline of the leading edge of a door. 


It’s a key part that serves as a blade. Locksmiths use it for a lever tumbler lock. 

Bolt works

It’s a combination of bars, plates, linkages, and rods in a door. According to the status of the lock, bolt works are beneficial for holding the door in a locked or unlocked position.


A lock being bumped refers to the lock picking technique. It’s useful for opening a pin tumbler lock. This method includes using a specially crafted bump key.

Final Words

Whatever the locksmith service you want, consider making a deal with Locksmiths.IE. Our services include CCTV installation, access control system, master key system, and so on. So, feel free to contact us if you need our help and read other blogs.

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