Keyless Entry Lock Installations Vs. Keyed Locks: Which Is Better?

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Needless to mention, you should not consider ‘QUALITY’ just an option while talking about home security. That’s why choosing the right door lock is MUST to prevent invaders from breaking into your premises in your absence. But there’s a controversy for ages between Keyless Entry Lock Installations and keyed door locks.

According to a survey, some people want to stick to the conventional manual keyed door lock system. On the other hand, a few choose to consider the keyless system as the ultimate security measurement.

Are you finding it overwhelmed too? In today’s blog, you will get some ideas regarding this that will help you make a decision.

Find the better option for door locks: Keyless or keyed?

OKAY! Admit that you can get countless options in the market for both keyless entry door locks and keyed ones. Hence, finding the right one can be challenging for you. But a few considerations can ease your task. Such as:

Affordability or safety: Which will you choose?

Well, both are a matter of concern when it’s about security investments for your home. However, the bitter TRUTH is that you cannot get both at a time! For instance, keyed locks are, no doubt, reasonably priced but cannot provide you the high-quality security you are expecting.

To achieve that ultimate safety for your assets at home, you have to hit your wallet a little bit and install a keyless door lock. With this option, you can decide who to allow your home and who not!

What’s about the varieties?

Well, both keys and keyless have plenty of options in designs and security. But for keyed locks, the difference you can find in just size, not in the technology, while keyless door locks can offer you both. In the latter one, you can look for:

  • Keypad or combination locks
  • Wireless smart locks
  • Biometric locks
  • Mobile access keyless entry
  • Key fobs

Are you a tech lover?

If yes, you may prefer convenience and security both in all your choices. Now, even in home security, it’s applicable! For you, electronic keyless entry locks are apt. You can enjoy the convenience of managing the security system even over the smartphone while away from home.

So, which one have you decided on? Well, both are a great choice, depending on your requirements. No matter if you need keyless entry lock installations or a manual one, our trained locksmiths will be at your service.

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